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June 6, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 994 Community, Latest Posts, Quality of life, Quirky

My Perfect Town

Sue and I were discussing ideas for a couple of trips we would like to take to visit friends.  I suggested we look for a couple of cute towns to explore along the way.  We took turns describing what a cute town meant – and before you know it we were playing the game, “My Perfect Town”.

My perfect town would have a cute upbeat coffee shop, a popular real ice cream store, a real bakery, a deli, pizza shop, an indian and mexican restaurants, as well as a mom and pop restaurants where locals meet.  All of these businesses would be  located around a town square with a gazebo. The town would have a progressive minded population, a college campus a few miles away, and well maintained homes sitting on treelined streets.  The town would have historical significance. A retire political news anchor, former diplomat or president would live there and lead public discussions on relevant issues.  The city would enforce strict standards on how homes and businesses were maintained.

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