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Perfect small town road trip – Chancellor’s House

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Perfect small town road trip – Bird’s Nest Farm Restaurant

Sue and I  planned  to visit relatives in Annapolis, Md. over the July long weekend.  I proposed we use the road trip as an opportunity to look for that perfect small town along the way.  I did some web searches on some of the small towns along our route and identified two towns with perfect small town potential – Bedford, Pa. and Frederick, Md.  We visited them both with a few added stops along the way.  We were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered and the people we met – and I’m looking forward to sharing a few stories with you.

The plan was to leave Friday July 1st  and to return on the 6th.  We intended to spend Friday  night at a B&B in in downtown Frederick, Md., have dinner with family and friends  in Annapolis Saturday night, a family cookout Sunday, spend the fourth in downtown D.C. and start our return trip Tuesday morning.   On the way back,  we planned to  spend the night at a B&B in Bedford, Pa and to visit the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.

It’s a 6 hour drive to Frederick.  Although we planned to stop at Bedford on the return trip, we had a little time to play with,  so we decided to cheat and have lunch in Bedford as a sneak preview.   Downtown Bedford is just two miles off of Interstate 76, the  Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Bedford appeared to have a thriving downtown (I’ll elaborate  in a  subsequent post).  We quickly found the very cute and charming Bird’s Nest Farm Store (restaurant).

A cowbell on the door announces each new patrons arrival and departure. I noticed the regulars reached up and held onto the bell to silence it as they entered and left. The restaurant was full and the room was filled with lots of chatter when we arrived.  Waiting for a table gave me an excuse to to walk around and take in the details and take a few pictures.  I love bake goods and I like to bake… after all a bakery is one of my qualifications for a perfect small town… so I was excited to see all of the cookie jars displayed and filled with a large variety of cookies.  There was also a large selection of colorfully iced cupcakes and donuts laid out on covered trays.  The refrigerated glass display case by the front door held a variety of cakes and pies.

The restaurant was decorated with antiques and lots of details, including an antique cash register and a Borden’s Elsie the Cow sign.  It was clear the owners put a lot of time and care in creating a very cute and upbeat place to eat. I think every town would love to have a restaurant like this to eat and meet.

The restaurant’s decor made it an visually enjoyable space to be in. Overall the service and food was good.  While it did take some time to get served,  the restaurant was was full and we understood they were doing the best they could.  The server was personable, attentive and answered a lot of our questions about the restaurant and town.

Bedford and the Bird’s Nest Farm Restaurant is about fifteen miles west of Breezewood.  So if you are on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and are looking for something more than a fill the tank up and get back on the road experience, we recommend the Bird’s Nest Farm Restaurant as a much better alternative.


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