Daily Variables

Daily Variables is designed to provide a national and local platform for sharing the type of news, information and insights that keep people informed – and conversations and lives interesting.

Daily Variables features a National and local community pages.

Daily Variables National

Daily Variables National Page focuses on news and content with broader relevance and appeal

Twitter National Feeds

Daily Variables features continuously updating Twitter feeds from major news outlets,Ted Talks, Hidden Brain, and NASA – in addition to thought leaders and personalities like Elon Mush, Rachel Maddox, Robert Reich, John Oliver, and many more.

National Affiliate and Contributors

Daily Variables is designed to drive additional traffic to established bloggers websites in exchange for their interesting content. It is also designed to provide a web presence for contributing writers who love to write and just want to share their interest, insights and ideas. If you are interested in providing content or writing for Daily Variables, please contact us so we can discuss your ideas.

Attention graduate Students: If you are a graduate student interested in establishing your expertise and a professional web presence in the world, please contact us.

So, if you’re a news and current events junkie, passionate cook or baker, committed athlete, quirky artist, fire breathing sports fan, savvy investor or entrepreneur, politic hound – or, perhaps a blogger, social media authority, a technology geek or love searching for the perfect app, Daily Variables would like to talk with you.

Daily Variables Local Pages

Daily Variables Local Pages, focus on local news and stories of interest. Currently Sandusky, Ohio is our only local page. Contact us if you’re interested in developing a page for your community, especially if your community doesn’t have a local newspaper.

Twitter Local Feeds

Daily Variables local pages feature continuously updating Twitter feeds from local regional and community leaders, elected officials, personalities, students, businesses and organizations.

Local Affiliate and Contributors

Daily Variables local pages feature content provided by local bloggers and contributors, including community leaders, organizations and businesses. If you have something you have say or share, contact us and let’s discuss it.


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